Chain Reaction Podcast Storm Clouds Gather

When storm clouds gather we need a plan to confront the storm. In this episode Tony Hines investigates the root causes disrupting supply systems. 

Identifying underlying causes are the key to resolving obstacles. The major root causes are energy and fuel costs. Both of these costs drive the input costs upwards, increasing production and distribution costs. Instability is directly attributable to Russia's war in Ukraine. Uncertainties introduced into global markets add to the extant problems of Covid 19 and the disruptions caused to global supply chains prior to the invasion in February 2022. Countries in the EU have seen Russian Gas and Oil supplies fall as a consequence. The reliance on Russian energy sources has been exposed. The uncertain times we live in with rising inflation are reminder of the 1970's when the Oil Crisis drove up prices fast and caused uncertainties. So how can Western Economies address the instabilities?