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Chain Reaction Podcast News Round Up 31st Dec

Tony Hines discusses all things impacting global supply chains this week.

  • Price inflation is still cause for concern – Many prices have risen across the board in the US
  • Russia is China's biggest supplier of Oil and Gas
  • Some analysts are concerened that Elon Musk has paid too much attention to Twitter and not enough on Tessla as the share price is hit.
  • Class Action Lawsuit against Facebook over Data Analytica's breaches of data privacy is worth $725 Million.
  • South Western Airline disruptions
  • Brent Crude $82 per barrel
  • China opens its borders but not everyone is happy
  • China's currency falls by 10 per cent in one year
  • Hope everyone has a great New Year!

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Chain Reaction Podcast News Round Up 17th December

All things impacting global supply chains this week with Tony Hines

  • Demand for energy increases in Europe as cold spell takes hold.
  • War in Ukraine continues.
  • China may get back to normal in 2023.
  • Peak season -what peak season?
  • Manufacturing in the UK falls in 2022
  • Check out what has happened in US Tech sector jobs
  • Freight costs soften but what happens when China reopens for business
  • Chinese ports operating normally and zero COVID policy has ended 
  • Sea lanes getting back to normal
  • All change at the top at Maersk
  • Vancouver auto show cancels
  • Volitality still impacting global supply chains 
  • Will inflation fall in 2023
  • Are China suppliers less reliable and will that force businesses to shop elsewhere.
  • Germany's Due Diligence Act comes into force in January 2023.
  • 80 per cent of firms in SW UK experienced supply chain difficulties – Brexit remains an issue for these firms – says a study by Barclays Bank Corporate
  • 70 per cent of firms in Europe and the US have been forced to source goods elsewhere because of the war in Ukraine, Global Trade Difficulties and Brexit
  • Interest rates up in the UK and US this week – Inflation rates are lower but it is hoped that these new increases will dampen inflation further.
  • Bank of England rates at 14 year high 3.5%
  • Federal Reserve raised interest rates to 4.25-4.5%. In the US interest rates are at a fifteen year high.

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Chain Reaction Podcast Learn and Change

Change is about learning. Learning to do something new is central to change. In supply chains we have to learn and adapt to change practices and processes. Opportunities and threats emerge from change and we have to be ready to grasp opportunities and limit threats. Risk has to be assessed when we want to take opportunities.
If you source and procure products and services you will know that risk is introduced through change. You have to know the facts. You need data that are both quantitative and qualitative. Asking questions is necessary to understand change.  It is part of the process to change.

Listening to learn is necessary. We need dialogues with people who can contribute to change or inform us of their experiences that may be relevant and helpful to make change smooth.

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Chain Reaction Podcast Leading the Team

Every leader in every organizations has reached their level of incompetence according to the Peter Principle. Leaders rising up the ranks eventually reach a level at which they have no experience. There are many types of leader. This is why trait theories do not stand up to scrutiny. Some leaders are charismatic, some are competent, others are not. There is no single model of a leader. Leaders must listen, learn and act. Leaders have to motivate people. Leaders have to set strategy in motion. Leaders have to be ready, willing and able. 

Understanding people is necessary. 

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Chain Reaction Podcast News Round Up 3rd Dec

Tony Hines reviews all things impacting global supply chains this week.

  • Black Friday Numbers are in for the US And UK
  • China protests are leading to change in the Covid restrictions applied
  • H&M second largest fashion business lays off 1500 workers in head office roles as inflation and increasing costs hit.
  • Inditex and Primark are bucking this trend.
  • SMMT in the UK reports on downturn in Sales of automobiles in the UK.
  • Investment is needed in securing battery production for EV's.
  • BYD Chinese car maker to launch SUV in Mexico.
  • US lead in Microchips under threat.
  • Recycling clothes to generate fabrics from waste cotton.
  • Shrinking size of chocolate bars.
  • Empty containers pile up in Chinese ports.
  • Freight prices fall
  • House of Representatives passes legislation to avert rail strike
  • Price for container boxes falls again.
  • Heavy duty electric trucks can be charged at San Pedro free.
  • Palm Oil Firms fail to meet sustainability targets.
  • Food inflation hits 12.4% in the UK – Brexit accounts for a substantial part of frictional costs along with higher energy costs.
  • Tessla unveils long wheelbase EV truck.
  • Software deal for VW in Germany
  • UK Fashion Retailer Next is to buy rival in trouble.
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