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Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up 30th July 2022

All things impacting global supply chains this week:-

  • Inflation and energy costs still rising
  • The US Fed raises interest rates
  • Intel and Media Tech
  • Russia attacked Odesa just hours after signing agreement to let grain sale out of the port
  • Gazprom has cut gas supplies again despite reopening Nord Stream1 again
  • Asian Gasoline prices fall
  • China is expected to raise its oil refining operations
  • Just Eat has hiked commission rates
  • Grub Hub strikes a deal with Amazon Prime
  • Amazon is raising its Prime Subscription rate by £1 in the UK (12.5%)
  • Subscription services will be first to be cut by consumers
  • Boeing Cash Flows under pressure until 2023
  • Unilever has raised prices by 11%
  • BASF cuts ammonia production
  • IMF Global Report expects the UK to have a modest increase in output
  • Lack of transparency in UK Public Procurement Contracts during Covid
  • Rail strikes in the UK with more strikes likely
  • Greenwashing in the Fashion Industry

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Chain Reaction Podcast Chain Reaction Trailer

I'm Tony Hines and I'm here to tell you about the Chain Reaction Podcast All About Supply Chain Advantage. I've been researching and writing about supply chains for over 25 years. I wrote my first book on Supply Chain Strategies in the early 2000's. Each week we have special episodes on particular topics relating to supply chains and we have a weekly news round up every Saturday at 12 noon all things impacting global supply chains in that week. So come and join us on the Chain Reaction Podcast. I look forward to seeing you there. I'm Tony Hines, I'm signing off, bye for now.

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Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up 23rd July 2022

All things impacting global supply chains this week.

  • Inflation continues to rise
  • Central banks raise interest rates
  • Nord Stream 1 closed since 11th July for maintenance cuting gas supplies to Europe through Poland and Germany
  • Consumers feel the pinch as inflation pushes costs up
  • Product price inflation risning because of energy and fuel
  • CPI 9.4 % in the UK similar highs in the EU and US
  • The Federal Reserve says 40% chance of recession
  • Heat waves caused empty shelves in the UK
  • Extreme heat is becoming normal
  • Airbus Chief expects supply chain woes to continue into 2023
  • Aircraft Industry has supply chain issues
  • Baker Hughes Texas hiit by exit costs from Russia
  • Marks and Spencer takes over GIST taking control of its food supply chain
  • Fed Ex contractors unhappy
  • Oakland Port California problems AB5 New Gig Laws to blame – Dwell times increase
  • UK fuel for vehicles rising despite wholes price falls
  • Port of Dover UK experience port congestion because of border controls applied after Brexit
  • Nord Stream Update
  • Oil prices fall as Libya increases output
  • Eurozone business activity declined in the past year
  • Turkey brokers a deal to release grain from Ukraine Black Sea Ports
  • EU takes action over the Norther Irish Protocol

Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up 16th July 2022

All things impacting global supply chains this week.

  • Brent Crude under $100
  • Euro and US$ at parity
  • LNG Prices fall 1%
  • Is energy falling in price?
  • Nordstrum one closed for maintenance cutting gas to the EU
  • US Production down
  • Israel inflation
  • Heatwaves in Europe 40% – Going Up Climate Change Impact
  • China Economy has lower output in June
  • UK politics a distratction from economic realities
  • US Retails Sales Up as recession looks likely
  • China also heading for recession
  • Aston Martin attracts Saudi Wealth Fund as investor
  • Britain is updating its Typhoon Fighters
  • Berlin green government investing in nuclear energy as a consequence of Russia's invasion in Ukraine
  • Hydrogen investment by the EU $5.4bn (15 countries)
  • India monsoon accelerates crop planting
  • India  wholesale price index rises#
  • European car sales fall
  • US Government forges ahead with Chip4
  • No French Fries for Moscow
  • Amazon Prime Day Results Up
  • International Energy Agency wants more local production of solar panels in US
  • Tesla supply chain problems and inflation has forced prices up
  • The EU investigates practices at Amazon – Hefty fines are possible
  • Amazon has invested heavily in the UK and is creating more jobs
  • UK Rail strikes
  • BT strikes UK
  • Sports Direct cancels Frasers Fridays  

Chain Reaction Podcast The Embedded Resource Economy

Supply chains deliver the embedded resource economy. They achieve this by bringing goods from places where there is abundance to places of scarcity. Listen to the episode to find out more about this topic and why it is so important.

It has been a key driver of globalization. It has also been shaped as much by politics as market economics. The embedded resource economy is invisible we only see the goods that supply chains deliver. Resources are embedded in the products. It brings with it benefits as well as costs. It changes the nature of accessible resources. 

Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up 9th July 2022

All things impacting global supply chains this week.
Energy Costs
Fuel Prices
The UK Prime Minister eventually resigns
The former Japanese Prime Minister is shot and killed
Russia's war continues in Ukraine
Elon Musk pulls out of Twitter Deal
CEO of Ryan Air blames chaos at UK Airports and the tight labor market on Brexit
Beans means trouble for Tesco as Heinz push up prices
Sainsbury works hard to keep prices low for consumers
Maersk resigns from ICS to maintain its sustainability credenetials
Green steel

Chain Reaction Podcast Cycle Time Compression

In this episode Tony Hines discusses the benefits of Cycle Time Ciompression in the Supply Chain. Identifying the cycles in your supply chain and the time it takes to complete each cycle has potential to bring benefits to the business, the network and to customers. Having data about each of the cycles moving from upstream to downstream enables firms to lower costs, improve throughput times and lower risk. Managing volumes, volatility and velocity to achieve value. It improves cash flows, profitability and return on investment and enables better asset utilization.

Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up 2nd July 2022

A summary of all things impacting global supply chains this week. 
In this weeks episode Tony Hines discusses:-

  • Soaring energy prices impacting gloabl supply chains
  • Inflation in Europe
  • Britain's trade outlook
  • What can airports learn from supply chains?
  • Steel tariffs, protectionism and international law what will the WTO make of it?
  • Russian President signs a decree to find new investors after Shell, Mitsui and Mitsibushi leave
  • Gazprom decides not to pay a dividend to investors – first time since 1998
  • Chocolate Production in Belgium disrupted by Salmonella
  • Caviar shortages due to Brexit and prices up too
  • Penalty fees for overweight sea cargo
  • New German Law requires supply chain compliance to demonstrate ethics