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The Centre for Supply Chain Research was established to conduct research into every facet of supply chain organization and management. Strategies, structures and relationships together with the design and co-ordination of these elements are central to the work of the CfSCR. No study is complete without concern for ethics, sustainability and equity.

Supply chain research is the study of how goods and services are produced, delivered, and consumed across different sectors and regions. It is a vital field of inquiry for understanding and improving the performance and impact of businesses, economies, and society. Supply chain researchers explore various topics and challenges related to the design, management, and optimization of supply chains, such as sustainability, risk, resilience, innovation, and digitalization. By applying rigorous methods and tools, they generate valuable insights and solutions for enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and equity of supply chains. However, supply chains are also exposed to various risks and uncertainties, such as natural disasters, pandemics, cyberattacks, and market fluctuations, that can disrupt their operations and performance. Therefore, supply chain researchers need to develop and implement strategies and capabilities that can increase the agility and resilience of supply chains, enabling them to cope with and recover from unexpected events.

7 V Framework

One of the frameworks that can help supply chain researchers to achieve this goal is the 7v model, which consists of seven dimensions: volatility, visibility, variability, velocity, volume, variety, and virtuality. These dimensions influence value and risk in supply chains. The 7v model can help supply chain researchers to assess the current state and potential of supply chains, identify the sources and impacts of risks, and design and evaluate agile and resilient supply chain solutions. This is a central framework used by researchers in the CfSCR.

Centre Director of Research

Professor Tony Hines established the Centre to develop new knowledge about supply chain strategies, structures and relationships. It acts as a focal point for research along with the 7V Framework developed by Professor Hines.