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Chain Reaction is the Podcast all about Supply Chain Advantage written and presented by Tony Hines containing regular audio snippets relevant to supply chain professionals, researchers and students.

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Supply Chain News

  • Ever wondered how the UK came to generate the most food waste in Europe? Curious to know the role of digital product passports in shaping sustainable supply chains? Tune in to our riveting discussion as we dissect the UK’s food waste problem. Sustainable Food Systems Ready to disrupt the usual menu and whet your appetite […]
  • In the latest episode of the Chain Reaction podcast, we dive deep into the intricacies of the global food system, shedding light on the urgent need for a revolutionary approach towards sustainable farming, the management of food waste, and increased transparency within the industry. The conversation kicks off with a comprehensive examination of the Food, […]
  • No longer ‘spades in the ground’. HS2, or High Speed 2, is a high-speed railway line that was supposed to connect London to Birmingham and then extend to Manchester and Leeds in the north of England. In 2012 it was estimated that the full cost would be £32 billion but current estimates show it has […]
  • High Speed Railways such as HS2 Transport systems are central to moving people and goods around the country, and not only are they central, but the choices we make have implications for CO2 emissions, greenhouse gases and the impact on daily lives. Now the infrastructure investment in these projects is also a key part of […]
  • Global supply chains, in their myriad complexities and broad impacts, are a fascinating topic that warrant an in-depth exploration. In the recent episode of our podcast, we dove headfirst into the topic, dissecting the impact of recent high-profile events, legislative updates, and sustainability practices. Starting with a deep dive into recent events, we discussed potential […]
  • From sweet deals to hard truths, the global economic landscape is a rollercoaster of events. This week, we focus on Nestlé’s strategic acquisition in Brazil, the challenges of Asian currencies, the complexities of Brexit, and the role of tech giants like Google in our current events. In a bold move, Nestlé is acquiring a significant […]
  • In the globalized world of today, supply chains are significantly influenced by world events. A major walkout in Tokyo, soaring food prices in India, or the unveiling of China’s new South China Sea map, can all send ripples through global supply chain dynamics. In our recent podcast episode, we engaged in a lively discussion, unraveling […]

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