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 Nestlé is raising the stakes, acquiring a significant share in Brazilian luxury chocolate maker, Grupo CRM. This episode uncovers the implications of this move on the global confectionery market. But it's not all sugar-coated – we'll grapple with the fluctuating prices of Brent Crude and West Texas Oil, and track Japan's economy, pulling itself painstakingly from the brink. The Indian rupee's record-breaking lows may seem troubling, yet we explore the various factors contributing to this. Kamatsu's strategic operations shift from China, coupled with increased US Treasury yields and other Asian currency weaknesses apply further pressure – join us as we break it all down.

Delays in post-Brexit checks and charges on food imports from the European Union. Will this mean a spike in food prices? The UK's reintegration into the Horizon programme is next on the menu, opening doors for collaborative research across European institutions. And then, brace yourselves for a climate change reality check, as we scrutinize Greece’s recent weather woes. We also tackle the unsettling issue of reinforced auto-claved aerated concrete crumbling in public buildings. Lastly, we delve into the digital world, examining Google's new requirements for political adverts on its platforms to disclose AI-generated content. Deep-dive into these global economic concerns and current events impacting global supply chains.

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I have been researching and writing about supply chains for over 25 years. I wrote my first book on supply chain strategies in the early 2000s. Each week we have special episodes on particular topics relating to supply chains. We have a weekly news round up every Saturday at 12 noon. All things impacting global supply chains in that week, so come and join us on the Chain Reaction podcast. I look forward to seeing you there.

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