Chain Reaction Podcast The UK’s Water Crisis: Trust, Transparency, and the Battle for Clean Water

Water pollution in the UK is not just an environmental issue—it's a full-blown crisis of trust and corporate accountability. This week we're peeling back the layers of this complex problem, shedding light on the alarming pollutants invading our waterways, the contentious practice of billing customers for corporate negligence, and the disturbing rise in waterborne diseases. Hear why supplier trust is critical and recent comments from  the Environmental Audit Committee as they unpack the dire need for transparency and action within the water industry.

We explore the financial undercurrents shaping the water sector, probing into the £100 billion investment quagmire and the foreign ownership landscape of English water companies. As we navigate the murky waters of private versus public ownership, we question whether consumer health and trust can ever be fully restored in the face of such systemic failures. Join us as we confront the uncomfortable truths and demand urgent reforms to ensure the water that flows from our taps is not only clean but responsibly managed.

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