Chain Reaction Podcast Supply Chain News Round Up 23rd April

Inflation is driving supply chain costs and disruptions remain. Listen to the news from around the world affecting supply chains this week.

  • Retail sales were lower last month as spiralling price increases hit discretionary spend.
  • It cost Apple $6 billion dollars in each of the past two quarters due to microchip shortages.
  • Update on US Port delays.
  • Further delays likely on customs checks at British ports after departure from the EU says British Government.
  • Price increases choke demand for private fuel use.
  • Leader of the World Bank expects food prices to increase by 37%.
  • Amazon announces delivery cost increases to third party sellers.
  • Update on Los Angeles port.
  • Two UK Government Supply Chain Initiatives were parked shortly after announcement.
  • Eggs short due to chicken feed cost.
  • Nestle announce price hikes due to commodity price increases and supply disruptions.

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