Chain Reaction Podcast SC News 5th Nov

Welcome to the News Roundup all things impacting global supply chains this week.

  • Maersk announces downturn in demand for shipping logistics freight rates peaked and demand for container boxes falls.
  • Cop 27 runs from 6th to 18th November in Egypt -listen to what needs to be done to avert the climate emergency.
  • Russian retail sales fall as does employment as interest rates rise.
  • Interest rates up by 0.75%
  • British Volt secures additional funding to avert administration
  • One minute round up of other news
  • Twitter’s big staff cull ruffles feathers
  • Big clothing brands get polyester clothes from China and India fuelled by Russian oil.
  • Russia rejoins grain deal to move Baltic cargoes 
  • Bank of England expects recession
  • LNG incurs significant additional  CO2 in production
  • Stranger than fiction
  • Airbus increases output
  • Competition market blocks merger of two ready bake product companies
  • Car sales at their lowest since 1982 in the UK
  • UN Global Food Index falls
  • China about to ease restrictions
  • Trailer for next week’s edition with Marino Paganini from Stord

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