Chain Reaction Podcast SC News 19th November

SC News Round Up All things impacting global supply chains this week with Tony Hines

  • EU heads for recession and Germany is the worst affected country in the 27 country block. Shrinkage in Germany is forecast at 0.6%. Ireland looks to be the best performer.
  • Falling out of love with the tech sector as it unfriends employees.
  • Is China still a pro-business country? Covid lockdowns have forced many businesses away from China.
  • California ports ban diesel trucks by 2035.
  • Ports in New York and New Jersey lead the way at the expense of the troubled West Coast Ports.
  • End of life textiles you think you are recycling end up in Africa.
  • UK produced steel needs better policies to protect capacity.
  • Amazon warehouses employing more intelligent robots with AI.
  • COP 27 agrees loss and damage fund but most of the detail is deferred. There are too many big interests at play and politics is more important than the future.
  • China Covid 19 cases increase in Beijing forcing lockdowns.
  • Peak demand – Black Friday and Cyber Monday losing impact with consumers.
  • Listen to the episode on Peak Season.
  • FX insolvency poses questions about CEO moving funds to the Bahamas
  • Carvanna sheds labor with used car sales falling due to interest rate increases.
  • Tessla recalls 321000 cars because of a rear light problem.
  • FIFA under pressure as they renegue on beer sales having even though they have sponsorship from Budweiser.
  • Rail strikes could occur in the US.

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