Chain Reaction Podcast News Round Up 3rd Dec

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Tony Hines reviews all things impacting global supply chains this week.

  • Black Friday Numbers are in for the US And UK
  • China protests are leading to change in the Covid restrictions applied
  • H&M second largest fashion business lays off 1500 workers in head office roles as inflation and increasing costs hit.
  • Inditex and Primark are bucking this trend.
  • SMMT in the UK reports on downturn in Sales of automobiles in the UK.
  • Investment is needed in securing battery production for EV's.
  • BYD Chinese car maker to launch SUV in Mexico.
  • US lead in Microchips under threat.
  • Recycling clothes to generate fabrics from waste cotton.
  • Shrinking size of chocolate bars.
  • Empty containers pile up in Chinese ports.
  • Freight prices fall
  • House of Representatives passes legislation to avert rail strike
  • Price for container boxes falls again.
  • Heavy duty electric trucks can be charged at San Pedro free.
  • Palm Oil Firms fail to meet sustainability targets.
  • Food inflation hits 12.4% in the UK – Brexit accounts for a substantial part of frictional costs along with higher energy costs.
  • Tessla unveils long wheelbase EV truck.
  • Software deal for VW in Germany
  • UK Fashion Retailer Next is to buy rival in trouble.
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