Chain Reaction Podcast Pressing Problems

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In this episode Tony Hines discusses pressing problems and how to solve them. In the discussion he defines and explains what is meant by a pressing problem. Drawing on supply chain concepts he puts pressing problems in context. The theory of constraints is used to focus attention on critical problems. A number of tools and techniques are briefly discussed that may help to solve an organization's pressing problem.

So what are pressing problems? When it comes to business we often think that we have many pressing problems. In truth there will be just a few. These are the problems that will disrupt the business if they are not addressed. In the strategy literature they refer to such problems as those that are critical. Identifying such problems is not always easy. Often this is because managers spend more time doing than thinking. It is essential that tiime is set aside for thinking.

We know that reflexive managers learn from their mistakes. In developing processes and practices with the aim of improving performance we learn to adapt and respond flexibly to the circumstances we are faced with. Resilience is a term that we use to talk about effective responses to bounce back from events that disrupt performance. 

The episode also contains supply chain news from around the globe.