Chain Reaction Podcast Supply Chain News Round Up 16th April

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Food prices are rising and consumers are paying a heavy price. CPI reached 7% in the UK in the year to March 2022 and 8% in the US. Pork prices are up 25% year on year.

  • Energy prices have increased starkly too. Diesel and Gasoline have risen too making transport costs much higher.
  • Problems at UK ports persist and there are still serious labour shortages including HGV drivers.
  • Shanghai is still locked down with consequential impact on factory closures and ports at a standstill.
  • P&O Ferries are still not working in the UK causing port congestion and delays and in addition there are still significant Brexit issues causing problems.
  • World Bank Chief says it's time to diversify away from China.
  • Minerals and metals are in short supply which has an impact on other products such as microchips.
  • Avian flu gives rise to price increase in eggs (52%) and chicken meat.
  • Canada invests $1.6 bn. In minerals to support EVB technology.
  • Stagflation on the horizon?
  • Catch up on the White House view of supply chains.

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