Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up 23rd July 2022

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All things impacting global supply chains this week.

  • Inflation continues to rise
  • Central banks raise interest rates
  • Nord Stream 1 closed since 11th July for maintenance cuting gas supplies to Europe through Poland and Germany
  • Consumers feel the pinch as inflation pushes costs up
  • Product price inflation risning because of energy and fuel
  • CPI 9.4 % in the UK similar highs in the EU and US
  • The Federal Reserve says 40% chance of recession
  • Heat waves caused empty shelves in the UK
  • Extreme heat is becoming normal
  • Airbus Chief expects supply chain woes to continue into 2023
  • Aircraft Industry has supply chain issues
  • Baker Hughes Texas hiit by exit costs from Russia
  • Marks and Spencer takes over GIST taking control of its food supply chain
  • Fed Ex contractors unhappy
  • Oakland Port California problems AB5 New Gig Laws to blame – Dwell times increase
  • UK fuel for vehicles rising despite wholes price falls
  • Port of Dover UK experience port congestion because of border controls applied after Brexit
  • Nord Stream Update
  • Oil prices fall as Libya increases output
  • Eurozone business activity declined in the past year
  • Turkey brokers a deal to release grain from Ukraine Black Sea Ports
  • EU takes action over the Norther Irish Protocol