Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up 30th July 2022

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All things impacting global supply chains this week:-

  • Inflation and energy costs still rising
  • The US Fed raises interest rates
  • Intel and Media Tech
  • Russia attacked Odesa just hours after signing agreement to let grain sale out of the port
  • Gazprom has cut gas supplies again despite reopening Nord Stream1 again
  • Asian Gasoline prices fall
  • China is expected to raise its oil refining operations
  • Just Eat has hiked commission rates
  • Grub Hub strikes a deal with Amazon Prime
  • Amazon is raising its Prime Subscription rate by £1 in the UK (12.5%)
  • Subscription services will be first to be cut by consumers
  • Boeing Cash Flows under pressure until 2023
  • Unilever has raised prices by 11%
  • BASF cuts ammonia production
  • IMF Global Report expects the UK to have a modest increase in output
  • Lack of transparency in UK Public Procurement Contracts during Covid
  • Rail strikes in the UK with more strikes likely
  • Greenwashing in the Fashion Industry

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