Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up 2nd July 2022

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A summary of all things impacting global supply chains this week. 
In this weeks episode Tony Hines discusses:-

  • Soaring energy prices impacting gloabl supply chains
  • Inflation in Europe
  • Britain's trade outlook
  • What can airports learn from supply chains?
  • Steel tariffs, protectionism and international law what will the WTO make of it?
  • Russian President signs a decree to find new investors after Shell, Mitsui and Mitsibushi leave
  • Gazprom decides not to pay a dividend to investors – first time since 1998
  • Chocolate Production in Belgium disrupted by Salmonella
  • Caviar shortages due to Brexit and prices up too
  • Penalty fees for overweight sea cargo
  • New German Law requires supply chain compliance to demonstrate ethics