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Ever wondered if you should invest in an electric vehicle? We’ve got an episode that unravels the pros and cons of the EV market, and it just might be the deciding factor in your next big purchase. We also touch on the urgent issues of climate change, the need for cleaner energy, and the infrastructure necessary to instill consumer confidence in this rapidly evolving market. Stay tuned for our news episodes as well, where we dissect global happenings impacting supply chains from trade and economy, to climate change and technology. 

Prepare yourself for our special edition on artificial intelligence, a topic that’s setting the world ablaze. Dive into the nuances of service supply chains with our upcoming episodes in October, focusing on the crucial role of the service economy. This sector accounts for 80% of both the UK and the United States economy, and understanding its workings can give you a unique perspective on the disparities between the developed and the developing world. So, mark your calendars and join me, Tony Hines, in September for insightful discussions that promise to open up new perspectives. Until then, happy listening!

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About Tony Hines and the Chain Reaction Podcast – All About Supply Chain Advantage

I have been researching and writing about supply chains for over 25 years. I wrote my first book on supply chain strategies in the early 2000s. Each week we have special episodes on particular topics relating to supply chains. We have a weekly news round up every Saturday at 12 noon. All things impacting global supply chains in that week, so come and join us on the Chain Reaction podcast. I look forward to seeing you there.

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