Chain Reaction Podcast Disruption, Food Security and Environment

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Disruption is the new normal according to Tony Hines. In this episode disruption in food supply chains are discussed in the context of food security, environment and climate change. Defintions of food security are drawn from Tim Lang’s excellent book “Feeding Britain – Our Food Problems and How to Fix Them”. Sustainability means different things to different people. It is a synonym for environment according to Lang in the context of food security. 

Food logistics includes transport, trucks, ships, planes and involves distribution hubs and ports. The UK imports 50 per cent of its food supply give or take and it exports food and beverages such as whisky, fish, meat, cheese and other processed food and farm produce.

Three priorities for Government: Healthy food for healthy people; maintaining a healthy environment and ensuring sufficient food is grown for the population.  Policies are needed to achieve these goals.

The success of supply chains is in part one of the things that has allowed government to be complacent when it comes to establishing appropriate policies to ensure food security. Much of the responsibility has been developed by large food retailers acting in their own interest.