Chain Reaction Podcast Empty Shelves For Christmas

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In this episode of Chain Reaction Tony Hines revisits some of the stories he covered in the past few months and gives an update on those disruptions in global supply chains. Shipping containers in short supply with sky high prices likely to push up prices at the store. Driver shortages in the UK since Brexit means idle trucks and disruptions to supply.  See how labour shortages are affecting food supplies too. The National Farmers Union want the government to allow EU workers to help out in UK farming at harvest time. Empty shelves are a growing problem in the food supply chain. Milk supplies in the UK have been disrupted too with many dairy farmers having to throw it away. We revisit the shortage of microchips and how that is affecting vehicle production supply chains. Will the switch off of the 3G networks disrupt your tracking technology? Will your supply chain still be visible? Carriers have been investing their profits in new container vessels due for delivery in 2023 and beyond see how this is likely to help global supply chains. There are also some tips of how to stay ahead of the game in these volatile times.