Chain Reaction Podcast Exposing the Dangers of PFAS: Health Risks, Environmental Impact, and the Fight for Accountability

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Could your raincoat be a health hazard? We're peeling back the layers on the silent infiltrators known as PFAS, the 'forever chemicals' stealthily embedded in our daily essentials. Tune in to this critical discussion where we expose the hidden dangers lurking in everything from your kitchenware to your wardrobe. We address the health risks, diving into the connections between PFAS and diseases, while also exploring the distressing environmental consequences. Unravel the challenges we face in regulating these stubborn chemicals, and learn why it's crucial for both individuals and industries to take action now.

Litigation is on the rise as the true impact of PFAS comes to the forefront of public concern, raising the stakes for manufacturers and water authorities. This episode guides you through the minefield of product liability and the legal battles that are reshaping the responsibility landscape. Listen as we dissect the actions of regulators, like the UK's Drinking Water Inspectorate, and unravel the complexities businesses face in managing PFAS within their supply chains. Get ahead of the curve with our insights on maintaining transparency and adhering to international standards, ensuring your business isn't contributing to the PFAS predicament.

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