Chain Reaction Podcast Five Megatrends Influencing Supply Chain Risk And Resilience with Bindiya Vakil

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Join the conversation with the visionary Bindiya Vakil, CEO of Resilinc, as we unpack the transformative power of AI in risk management, reshaping the resilience of global supply chains. Bindiya talks about five megatrends shaping global supply chains:  geopolitics, climate change, cyber risks, sustainability  and labour disruptions.

From the eye of the storm post-Hurricane Katrina to the forefront of supply chain innovation, Bindiya shares her story of revolutionizing Cisco's approach to crisis management and the seismic shift towards prioritizing data to bolster supply chain defences. In this engaging dialogue, we dissect how the intertwining of supplier transparency, trust, and cutting-edge technology constructs a more robust and responsive supply chain network, essential in today's unpredictable business climate.

As we navigate the complex terrains of geopolitical instability, climate-induced disruptions, and the looming shadow of cybersecurity threats, our discussion takes a deep dive into the strategies reshaping the supply chain world. Bindiya and I explore the imperative of ally shoring, ESG compliance, UFLPA, German Diligence Act, and the dire need for innovation amidst the labour crisis. We also celebrate the unsung heroes of revenue generation—supply chain leaders—who play a pivotal role in driving business success. For anyone looking to understand the intricate dance of supply and demand, technology, and human expertise, this episode offers invaluable insights into the cogs that keep the global business engine running smoothly.

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