Chain Reaction Podcast Fix the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain

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In this week's episode we follow up from last time and discuss what went wrong with supply chains in the past eighteen months and how to fix the weakest links in your supply chains.

Tony Hines makes the distinction between two types of problem that disrupt supply chains. His type 1 problem is one caused by issues in a particular supply chain. Type 2 problems are systemic and effect all supply chains. He gives specific examples of the two types he has identified and offers some suggestions on how to deal with them.

Pallet Board Problems Stateside (US)
Also in this episode is the problem in the USA with regard to pallet boards and a brief explanation of why it is happening.

Visibility in Your Supply Chain
Visibility is of paramount importance if you want to know where everything is in your supply chain to avoid disruptions and to plan for them when the data in your dashboard reveals the signals of trouble ahead.

Labour Problems and Supply Chain Disruption
Continuing problems with labour shortages are discussed in the US, UK and EU. The impact this is having on the farm to fork supply chain is permanent according to Ian Wright CEO of the Food and Drinks Federation (UK). Brexit has been the cause of much disruption in the UK Supply Chain and the Norther Ireland protocol is disrupting supplies to supermarkets there.