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In this episode Tony Hines discusses greener, cleaner, frictionless trade as well as catching up on some news issues. The fire on the container ship off the coast of Victoria British Columbia is another reminder of the hazards involved in transporting chemicals. A new way to produce electric vehicles is discussed focusing on Arrival's Oxfordshire site. Some interesting innovations point to the green vehicle revolution and how it will differe from anything the industry has previously seen. It promises to deliver some real benefits. Moving freight by rail is discussed as a future option that has some environmental benefits too. Transaction costs causing friction in supply chains is discussed in the context of the UK's departure from the European Union and why friction is bad for supply chains. Externalities and the cost of pollution moving from producer to consumers and public clean up operations. Eighty per cent of the world's plastic bottles end up in land fill, in the oceans of the world or are burned releasing Co2 in the process. Producers keep the profits and externalise their costs.