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Tony Hines talks about making your supply chain efficient.

Ask yourself a question. How do I improve efficiency in the supply chain and the sub question? Why is that important to do? Well, that's what I want to talk about today..
Improving cycle times and throughput in any supply chain is important. It's not only important to the supply chain itself, it's important to the business. It can lead to smoother deliveries. Better efficiency, faster learning, customer satisfaction. And in the long run, a better product. If you improve throughput and reduce time, you'll lower inventory and this reduces cost. You can also be sure that you're putting as many of your products on the market as possible at the lowest cost to your business, it helps companies to see how they spend their time manufacturing products and getting those products to customers to increase turnover.

There are all kinds of ways you can be more efficient. You can try to automize, you can encourage people to communicate more effectively inside the organisation to reduce cost, spot blockages and remove those blockages in the chain, reduce any interruptions that you have to your business activities. And when you have meetings, make them short and make them frequent. Keep on top of things. And keep the dialogue between all parties inside the organisation continuing. That way you won't have any big surprises and stay focused on the task and don't introduce any self-inflicted disruptions. Stay focused and when you need to change process. Do that at the best time for the organisation and do it in orderly fashion. Those are the simple things that you might wish to do. 

It always pays to keep things simple in business, and when we say keep things simple and keep them straightforward, don't over complicate things. Don't overthink things, just do what you have to. Focus on the task at hand. Keep on top of things, set reminders and review the goals on a regular basis. You might want to do it daily or weekly. Depending on the time frames involved, make sure you're not diverted away from the task and minimise any time that's wasted.

Try and do things in a timely fashion. Use any Productivity Tools that are available to you and most importantly, motivate the team. If you can motivate the team, you'd be surprised.

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