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Tony Hines talks supply chains with Frederico Crespo CEO of Valiot an AI business that supports supply chain operations to create visibility and value in the system. FactoryOS captures data from a variety of internal inputs, such as IoT cameras and sensors. Once captured the data are applied to run simulations to optimize throughput.

Frederico Crespo is CEO at Valiot. He is a graduate of MIT and he grew up working in his Grandfather's paint manufacturing plant in Mexico. He says this background set him up for his future work. He talks about his work with Heineken to improve their supply chain performance in Mexico. He examined their system processes identifying 16 areas for improvement and focused on one that was most fruitful on which to focus scarce resources for maximum effect. He discusses Little's Law and how it helped his throughput analysis to compress cycle times. 
L = λ x W where: 

  • L is the average number of items in a queuing system
  • λ is the number of items arriving per unit of time
  • W is the average waiting time each item spends in a queuing system

Listen to how digital transformation can improve supply chain efficiencies. In a wide ranging discussion Frederico talks about how understanding system dynamics is important if you want to improve performance.

Frederico also offers advice for young people to enter supply chain work. Geopolitical change, pandemics and AI developments are changing the skill-sets needed. Challenging the status quo is essential to progress. Unlearning obsolete practices is important too.

Food processing supply chains can be wasteful because of supply chain inefficiencies. Simple miscommunications can be the source of many such problems. Listen to what Frederico says about this.

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