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This episode discusses some issues affecting supply chains in the news this week. They include: Problems for Pig Farmers in the UK; The Oil Spill in the Amplify Pipeline in California; Ways to lower your carbon footprint in supply chains and what governments are doing to achieve net zero targets; There are still supply chain issues in the UK because of a shortage of HGV drivers and the shortages of fuel at service station forecourts. Increasing costs are driving up inflationary pressures along with wholesale gas prices all of which will feed into consumer prices. The UK is still adjusting to life outside of the European Union and a failure of planning and preparation has exacerbated the disruptions to supply chains being experienced.
 Many efficiencies achieved in supply chains have come about during the past thirty years as just-in-time systems were implemented. JiT reduces time taken to produce and move goods to customers but some of that good work has been undone by recent supply chain disruptions and people are beginning to question the approach. Tony Hines argues that efficiency is the key to having a successful supply chain and Just-in-Time is a concept and practice to do that. He argues you can be resilient and efficient but it takes a little work, keeping costs low in supply chains helps everyone and the benefits outweigh any disadvantages. Some of the key benefits are: lower cost; reduces carbon footprint; customers get goods when they want them and wastage is reduced in production.