Chain Reaction Podcast New Round Up 22nd October

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All things impacting global supply chains this week.

  • The war in Ukraine continues and takes a new turn targeting energy supply
  • Strikes everywhere and more brewing in the UK
  • China's zero covid tolerance damages market share
  • Xi Ping wants to serve another term
  • The big news in the UK dominates the airwaves as the Prime Minister resigns. You will remember I asked the question last week would she still be in office by Friday – well she's gone – With Truss gone has Trust gone?
  • Autonomous robots used in last mile delivery reduce pollution
  • Inflation back to 10.1% in the UK
  • Upcoming episode the worst of times not the best of times
  • Drones made in Iran used in the Ukraine by Russia to attack energy infrastructure
  • Rolls Royce will produce an electric vehicle by 2023
  • Fertilizer, fuel and transport price increases are impacting potato production in Australia – Chips/crisps are affected
  • Building resilient supply chains through digitization of supply chains
  • When is the right time to invest?
  • The workshop of the world – China is losing market share in manufacturing as footloose industries move to Vietnam, Bangladesh and elsewhere because of the zero tolerance to Covid policy imposed by the government.
  • Warehouse space has increased in the US and that has also meant a trebling of labour.
  • Coming soon the special edition on retail supply chains

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