Chain Reaction Podcast News 11th Feb

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This week's earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has shown the devastation natural disaster has when it strikes.  if you would like to make a donation please go to Https:// to do so.

  • Maersk publishes 4th Q 2022 profits – Profits remain high overall for 2022 but prices for sea freight is falling 
  • British Volt was the only UK based EV battery plant until it ran oiut of cash. This week and Australian Business has bid for for BV
  • More optimistic forecasts out this week may mean a better year ahead than previously thought
  • US China Trade still difficult especially in technology markets – Control of rare earth metals will create unprecedented power in supply chains
  • Data warehouses – will they cost the earth?
  • President Joe Biden delivered his state of the union address – see what this means for supply chains
  • EV chargers will limit market growth – proprietorial connectors are also problematic
  • Supply Chain Visibility Report CIPS/Deloittes 
  • Rail freight unions win long standing dispute with a satisfactory outcome for US Freightworkers
  • Turkey – Syria Earthquake Appeal – see donation site above if you can help
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