Chain Reaction Podcast News 11th March

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All things impacting global supply chains this week with Tony Hines.

  • Shell CEO plans to keep oil for at least the next decade.
  • Tomato imports into the UK suffer from supply chain friction. This has caused shortages on supermarket shelves.
  • Delays to HS2 as costs rise. Many think this is a pull back from the levelling up agenda which is likely to impact of future economic advantages HS2 promised to deliver.
  • Once upon a time…
  • While people struggle with the cost of living the CEO's of two leading global oil companies Shell and BP earn salaries around $12 million.
  • New regulations at US Ports could lead to capacity problems.
  • Renault and Nissan Strategic Alliance about to be renewed.
  • SAP SE to shed 3000 jobs.
  • The new EV Road Map foreshadows a new Toyota Way.
  • US Economy grew 2.9 per cent in Q4. 
  • US added 11,000 jobs in February.
  • China renews an unprecedented 3rd term in ofiice for President Xi Jinping.
  • The future of supply chains will create opportunities.
  • The Dutch Government announced restrictions on the export of Chip Technology to China and this will impact ASML.
  • Plastic entering the world's oceans has risen exponentially since 2000 according to a new research study.
  • Mitsubishi Motors said it plans to sell only EV's by 2030
  • Stelantiss, Mercedes and ACC is developing 3 giga factories.
  • Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) sends a chill wind through US Banking sector. It is the first failure since 2008.

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