Chain Reaction Podcast News Round Up

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News Round Up all things impacting global supply chains this week. We begin October with a full round up of what has happened.

  • UK Government mini budget crashes economy with pound falling as Bank of England steps in
  • Listen to the special edition on Casino Economics
  • Economics the dismal science and a return to supply side economics with Thatcher's legacy having an encore with Liz Truss Government
  • Nordstream Gas Explosions permanent damage or Putin posturing some think
  • Strikes in railways and ports impacting supply chains -Felixstowe and Liverpool in the UK are affected
  • Easy jet seeking to stop carbon offsetting and investing in technologies that prevent emissions directly
  • Disruptions at Oakland and elsewhere 
  • New York and New Jersey are officially the number one port in the US
  • Profits on the Oceans of the world – Maersk break quarterly record
  • Hurricane Ian impact on the East Coast in Florida and the Carolina's
  • China ramps up oil production
  • Europe's scramble for LNG
  • Turkstream pipeline maintenance
  • Geopolitical risks and continuing energy shortages
  • Germany to supply Ukraine with air defence systems
  • Poland supply of gas increases with new pipeline
  • Spanish regional government new rules to address unfair competition
  • President Xi Jinping hails China's new passenger jet C919
  • Russia lose their seat on the UN Aviation Council
  • Greece and Bulgaria open new pipeline for gas supply
  • China request for MRNa code from Moderna rejected
  • Semi-conductor supply chains remain tight
  • US Consumer spending up but still impacted by inflation
  • Arrival misses production target

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