Chain Reaction Podcast News Round Up 15th October

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All things impacting global supply chains this week with Tony Hines

  • Inflation and strikes along with Russia's war in Ukraine continue to cause disruption
  • Challenges in the automobile industry and aerospace industries
  • Chip shortages continue holding up manufacturing
  • Liverpool dockers strike for 19 days Peel Ports claim they have offered 10 per cent but the Unite Unions disputes that – Dockers holding out
  • Felixstowe too disrupted
  • Royal Mail strikes cause delivery disruptions in the UK
  • Other public service strikes on the horizon
  • The iconic mini is produced in the UK but now owned by BMW who have announced they plan to stop electric car production in the UK
  • Tessla in the news along with Elon Musk
  • Coal mine disaster in Turkey
  • US introduces further sanctions on countries supporting Russia

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