Chain Reaction Podcast News Round Up 29th April

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  • Iran seized an Oil Tanker bound for Huston with Chevron Oil on board. This is retaliation for the US seizing Iranian Oil from a tanker around the coast of South Africa as part of US sanctions.
  • Tighter US rules UFLPA have hit Vietnam's apparel industry hard.
  • Rail Freight data reveals a fall of activity on the west coast of the US while east coast data shows increased freight volumes.
  • Sudan humanitarian logistics to evacuate US, EU and UK nationals.
  • Coronation of King Charles 3rd happens within a week. This generates much income for the economy by stimulating demand for goods and services.
  • What happens when something goes wrong in global supply chains well it can be deadly. Toxic cough syrup manufactured in India found its way to Gambia and killed a number of children under 5 years old.
  • San Francisco, First Republic is the third regional US Bank to fall into receivership.
  • Exon Mobil and Chevron have mountains of cash that they do not know what to do with as a result of global gas and oil prices this year.
  • The Book Depository closed its doors for the final time this week. It competed with Amazon since it was started by an ex-Amazon employee in 2004. It was taken over by Amazon in 2011.
  • Generative AI featured in all the profit reports for Big Tech Companies.
  • Implications of AI for supply chains.

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