Chain Reaction Podcast News Round Up 7th January

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All things impacting global supply chains this week.

  • Container prices fall as demand and congestion eases
  • Amazon announces 18,000 lay offs
  • UK new car sales hit a 30 year low in 2022 but likely to grow in 2023
  • Tessla car sales fall to lowest level in 5 months
  • Dell is looking to phase out China made chips because of US blacklisting
  • Oil prices fell 9% in the first two trading days of 2023
  • Russia is sending Arctic Crude Oil to India and China at big discounts
  • Retail figures for the holiday period are in for the UK
  • Cost of living is switching consumer buying habits
  • Food inflation 13. 3% (BRC) and 14.4% (Kantar) in the UK and up 16.5% in the US
  • Aldi forced to cancel special buys as a consequence of supply chain disruptions
  • UK Grocery sales hit £12 billion 
  • Sales growth figures for competing retailers 12 weeks to 25th December

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