Chain Reaction Podcast News Round Up: Airbus Expansions, EV Breakthroughs, and the Geopolitics of Shipping

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Discover the future of flight as Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury shares exclusive insights into their latest supply chain innovations and hiring surge to meet the booming demand for aircraft. Electric vehicle enthusiasts, get charged up with Toyota's announcement of solid-state batteries, set to revolutionize the EV landscape with rapid charging and extended range capabilities. Navigate the high seas of global logistics with us as we reveal Maersk's  rail detour in Panama and dissect the impact of geopolitical tensions on the Red Sea's shipping lanes. Plus, don't miss our coverage of Spanish billionaire Armando Ortega's foray into logistics and China's surging oil imports signaling a post-pandemic economic revival.

Strap in for a deep dive into the tech world with our exploration of stock market movements amidst the Microsoft-Apple rivalry, and Alphabet's restructuring, including Google's voice assistant and augmented reality departments. Learn about the upcoming episode with Bindiya Vakil, CEO of Resilinc, get ready for an engaging conversation on the backbone of supply chain resilience and the innovators steering the industry forward. We'll also tackle Tesla's production challenges, Hertz's EV collision costs, and the tanker seizures stirring up the oil market. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of global supply chains and technology.

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I have been researching and writing about supply chains for over 25 years. I wrote my first book on supply chain strategies in the early 2000s. Each week we have special episodes on particular topics relating to supply chains. We have a weekly news round up every Saturday at 12 noon. All things impacting global supply chains in that week, so come and join us on the Chain Reaction podcast. I look forward to seeing you there.

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