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Tony Hines talks about partnerships and power within supply chains and how it impacts arrangements.

Partnerships in supply chains are essential to create effective and efficient systems. Nevertheless. How many supply chain partnerships work like we would expect? Many supply chain arrangements are partnerships in name only. The reality is that power of a dominant actor in any supply chain will redistribute resources earning a greater share of profit and will control cash flows. The impact of a dominant player is critical to other in parties.

Some dominant players act ethically and are a force for good while others do not.

Cargill is a privately held conglomerate that has over 157 years of experience. The company is a dominant player in food supply chains and transportation. It is highly profitable and a responsible actor. Cargill is both a catalyst and connector. Listen to find out more.

Research on power in supply chains has increased in the last decade often as a consequence of news stories reporting negative impacts. Much of the research is what I call neat and tidy meaning that it builds arguments robustly adopting appropriate methods and theoretical frameworks to fit an academic agenda. However. Much of the neat and tidy research fails to uncover managerial or practical concerns of those managing complex, multi-product and globally dispersed supply chains. I have picked a few that buck the 'neat and tidy' trend. Personally, I would like to see much more focus on practical concerns that make a real contribution to improving our understanding of complex supply chain arrangements.

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