Chain Reaction Podcast Reflections On Resilient Supply Chains

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Geopolitics is taking center stage in many global supply chains. Securing assets and ensuring supply chains are resilient is a top priority for governments and companies. China has invested in the Central Africa Copper Belt during the past twenty years to secure access to rare metals needed for all types of tech producst including Electric vehicales (EV's).  The US and the EU lag way behind China listen to find out more.

Supply chains are always in transition from local to regional; from regional to global; from global to regional; from regional to local. This is why we see offshoring, nearshoring, reshoring, onshoring as the economics and risks shift. Far more consideration is now being given to political and environmental matters which is moving governmnets to think about resilience. As this happens 'friendshoring' is a strategy. Listen to find out more.

Robots and employment trends around the world.

HRT in short supply in the UK.

PPE fraud investigations in the UK

Revitalising the semi-conductor industry in the US

Visibility and communication technologies smoothing supply chains

Rise of the trade unions in big tech supply chains

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