Chain Reaction Podcast Risk Resilience and Responsiveness

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 Resilience is more than risk management. It is a capability to get to the future by limiting the impact of disruptions. Risk management is necessary to manage particular supply chains as well as the supply chain system. Anticipating risks from disruption is an important skill. Assessing risk and assigning probabilities to manage risk are parts of any risk management system. Beyond the immediate supply chain risks there are risks that threaten the total supply system. It is necessary to take a systems view of risk if you want to build resilience across the total system. An example would be energy supply chains which are made up of entity supply chains (e.g.extractors, refiners, generating companies) linked to buying organizations (re-sellers, business and consumer suppliers) which are linked to business supply chains and consumers at some point in the chain. The total supply system would consider risk at each node from source to consumption. This means not simply managing risk in the organization supply chain it means managing the risk in the system which has many supply chains. Resilience requires steps to manage beyond the immediate supply chain, beyond intra and  interorganizational supply chains linked in the total system. Resilience capabilities have to be developed to manage systemic risk. 

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