Chain Reaction Podcast SC News 12th Nov

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All things impacting global supply chains this week with Tony Hines.

Now we could talk about lots of things happening in supply chains this week we've got inflation, we've got interest rates rising, we've got input costs going up, we've got freight rate prices lowering and that's because demand for shipping and container boxes has fallen. We've also got chip prices higher as a result of shortages of supply and we've got strikes building up with wages hit by inflation. So, what else could go wrong in the economy that could drive prices higher, increase inflation and disrupt supply chains?

COP 27

COP 27 taking place this week in Egypt at Sharm El Sheikh. Lots of world leaders, climate activists and other interested parties all attending. This of course is because of the climate emergency trying to stop that 1.5 degree increase by 2030 and strengthening the Paris accord.


Arrival is one of those really great companies; it's innovative and it makes electric vehicles. Currently it's based in the UK but there is some doubt about its existence beyond 2023. 

  • UK Economy has a fall of 0.2% in output
  • Elon Musk says Twitter may not survive and is running out of cash
  • Solar Energy Components from China held up at US Ports
  • Earthquake hits Tonga a Tsunami warning was signalled
  • Apple reconfigures global supply hubs as Foxconn set to increase India production
  • Private jets flying into COP 27 produce protests over CO2 emissions
  • Just Stop Oil protests in UK cause chaos on road networks
  • 600 Delegate attending COP 27 have links to fossil fuels
  • Recession and the economic policies that might it worse
  • Central Bank's Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of 2-year recession
  • Recycling clothes and avoiding landfill – Infinna
  • Liverpool Dock Strike at an end
  • Northern Ireland Protocol back in the news
  • Daimler Truck Supply Chain Difficulties- Chips and more
  • Catch up with any episodes you have missed
  • Listen to my special guest Mario Paganini talking about Stord and the supply chain of the future

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