Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up 11th June

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All things affecting global supply chains this week from around the world.

  • Energy costs are the number one priority to get supply chains back on track. Followed closely by a swift end to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
  • Fertilizer costs hit farms all over the globe.
  • CF producers fertlizer in the UK and this week announced closure of one of its two plants despite increased demand and shortages of supply.
  • Target has too much inventory.
  • Tessla steps back from its China recruitment drive.
  • Fuel prices continue to rise in the US, UK and throughout the EU.
  • Tax in the form of fuel duty makes it more problematic un the UK.
  • China has strongly developed networks in South East Asia and this helps keeps prices low and a reason why it has become the supplier of choice.
  • South Korea has HGV driver strikes disruptibg supply chains.
  • The OECD said the UK economy would grow 3.6% this year but may move to zero next year with higher interest rates, postBrexit trade issues and the War in Ukraine with Russia.
  • Rail strikes in the UK could impact food supply chains.
  • Russian oil continues to flow into Europe despite the ban which only applies to seaborne crude and petrolium.
  • India has increased its intake of Russian oil as has China. Russia probably has increased its take from these transactions. It is also pushing up prices on world markets.

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