Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up 25th June

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All things impacting global supply chains in the news this week.

  • Inflation
  • Energy Prices
  • Strikes Looming
  • Opportunities to rethink energy supply
  • Fuel prices continue to rise
  • Disruptions to food supplies
  • Where does all the grain go?
  • Russia is China's largest oil supplier
  • Inflation's correlates
  • Google looking to become more prominent in supply chain cloud solutions
  • Accreditations (CILT and CIPS) for Southampton University MSc in Supply Chain
  • New Ocean Shipping Law in the US
  • Higher shipping costs – Tanker Rates
  • FDA crack down on product safety and traceability (FTL)
  • Cold Chain  Failings in Pharma – Visibilty is key
  • Companies with greater visibility manage disruptions better
  • Russia moves Ukrainian grain from Crimea to Turkey by ship