Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up 27th August 2022

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All things impacting global supply chains this week.

  • Energy, Inflation, Strikes
  • UK This week Energy Costs Up for Businesses and Consumers
  • Energy costs add to inflationary pressures
  • The Horn of Africa facing drought and food crops
  • Ford cuts payroll in North America and India as it transitions to EV's
  • Global Market for EV batteries growing
  • Profits lower in China industries -growth slows
  • Big Pharma –  Moderna sues Pfizer and Biontec of Covid vaccines
  • Russia in search of new markets for LNG
  • Inflation running rampant for many economies more than half caused by conflict in Ukraine
  • Energy price hikes impact small businesses
  • CEO of NHS England talks about the impact of inflation
  • CF Fertilizers closures cause problems for food, packaging and fizzy drinks find out why
  • US Port Congestion
  • Felixstowe strikes UK
  • Sewage discharges into rivers and sea UK impacts the shell fish supply chain
  • Food prices increase in Australia due to labor shortages
  • Additive manufacturing can help meet demand for some

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