Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up 28th May

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The Supply Chain News Round Up – All things happening in Supply Chains around the world.

  • Lockdowns in China still causing disrupton but is there light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Toyota and other automobile manufacturers still struggling to get hold of microchips.
  • The UAE Trade Minister focused on global trade at Davos.
  • Inflation at a 40 year high.
  • Impending rail strike in the UK may disrupt food supplies as well as passenger transport.
  • Europe forecast to lose nearly 8% GDP as a consequence of Russia's invasion in Ukraine
  • US West Coast cargo down 17% at Oakland.
  • Meat Trade in US experiencing labor and supply chain problems.
  • Spain's regional cities redesign urban space to accommodate a surge in e-commerce.
  • Cyber attacks in shipping impact profit.
  • Retailers seeking active ways to deal with returns to stop rising cost of processing.
  • The World Bank and International Monetary Fund have said reshoring will not soilve supply chain problems.
  • The Brooking Institute has proposed solutions to the US semi-conductor supply problems.
  • The problem with Just-In-Case solutions to supply chain problems.
  • UK Fast Fashion Retailer Misguided enters administration because of supply chain issues.
  • Bohoo shoppers impact profitablity with the increasing level of returns and supply chain hold-ups.
  • Russia stops supplies to Finland as retaliation for their application to join NATO.
  • Russian invasion of Ukraine is preventing grain from being shipped.
  • Sri Lanka defaults on its international payments  – first time in history, so what's going on?
  • Apparently it has cost Russia $181 billion to invade Ukraine so far.

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