Chain Reaction Podcast SC News Round Up for September

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All things impacting global supply chains.

  • Employment levels, output and inflation
  • Food inflation still on the rise
  • Real fall in wages of 2.8% year on year in the UK
  • Rail strikes could impact supply chains
  • Inditex sourcing to ensure availability increasing inventory cost
  • DHL contract logistics investing in warehousing in India
  • Three tips to keep supplies flowing 'Balance'
  • China and India increasingly uneasy at Russia's war in Ukraine
  • Europe makes plans for winter
  • Tessla in the news
  • Apple iPhone 14
  • Amsterdam Schipol Passenger Flow
  • Global Supply Chain Index
  • Shipping Costs as a proportion of total cost
  • Germany shortages of CO2 for food and beer production
  • Recessions looming and economic uncertainty

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