Chain Reaction Podcast Stay Informed About Supply Chains in 2022

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If you are a CEO, Supply Chain Professional, Policy Adviser, Academic or Student you should spend some time each week listening to Chain Reaction – All About Supply Chain Advantage; we will keep you updated with what's happening. Listen on your way to work or on the way home. We have regular listeners comprising CEO's, Supply Chain Professionals, Governments, Policy Makers, Academics, Students and Media/Press.  Listeners from 297 cities in 43 countries tune in. So what are you waiting for, stay informed listen to Chain Reaction – All About Supply Chain Advantage.

Listen to this short trailer for the Chain Reaction Podcast-All About Supply Chain Advantage. Join us each week to stay informed about what is going on in supply chains. Follow the trends, listen to how businesses are strengthening supply chains to make them more resilient. Find out how businesses are impacted when things don't go to plan. Learn how consumers are  affected by supply chains. Find out how much waste there is and what supply chain professionals are doing to minimise it. Learn how digital transformation is changing the ways that supply chains work. We cover all business matters across different sectors to understand what's happening with supply chains. We search for ways that organizations can develop strategies that lead to supply chain advantage.