Chain Reaction Podcast Supply Chain Weekly Round Up

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This is the weekly round up of everything happening in global supply chains.
Inflation is still the biggest story everywhere with input costs rising. The pandemic has been blamed for lowering ouput and supply chain disruptions. Governments in Europe and the United States are trying to deflect criticism for consumer price inflation at its highest level for 30 years in the UK at 5.5%  and at 7.5% in the US the highest figure in  40 years. Not since the 1980s has the US seen this level of inflation.

Canada – Ottawa protests disrupting the border crossing between the US and Canada have been brought under control and goods are flowing again.

Microchips, Container Boxes and Labor are all in short supply listen to the Round Up to find out more.

Storm Eunice added to the UK supply chain disruptions this week.

Uncertainty over Russia and Ukraine is adding to inflationary pressures.

Reverse supply chains is the next episode coming your way next week – be sure to listen.