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If you're wondering what transport at zero mph is listen to the episode. Tony Hines discusses why transport at zero is on the rise. Demand is increasing for goods but supply is often short in the time of Covid. Production capacity is short too as plant closures have occurred on a regular basis. In the last episode we discussed the problems due to shipping transport. This week we take a look at one very important aspect of distribution which is often underestimated but without it we would not be able to get goods on time for business, pleausre or everyday needs. Demand for warehousing is increasing as just in time systems (JiT) falter. In the UK we have turbulence due to Brexit bureaucracy adding to the challenges faced by business. The growing demand for bigger warehouses and the lower demand for retail stores are related. As town centers have seen footfall stall finger action on mobile, PC and tablets have hit max velocity for consumer demand. Triggering demand for space to hold inventories.