Chain Reaction Podcast Unpacking Global Economics: The Impact of Interest Rates, Strikes and Electric Vehicle Subsidies

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What if I told you that global economics isn't as dry as it sounds? Prepare to be enlightened as we dissect the impacts of steady interest rates in the US and UK, rising energy prices, and wage increments in the US economy. We also shed light on the continuous strikes, which are threatening to disrupt economic growth, and the launch of the first green methanol vessel by Maersk Let's not forget the end of strikes at Chevron's Australian LNG facilities and the potential ripple effects of ongoing strikes at Apple's France locations. 

Hold onto your seats because we're just getting started! We're also going to uncover the dark side of technology with the FBI's warning against public phone charging stations. Also on the table is the latest round of industrial action announced by the train driver's union and its potential ramifications. We'll delve into the nine-year contract awarded to West Coast Operators and the controversy surrounding the possible cancellation of the Birmingham to Manchester leg of the HS2 project. To cap it all off, we'll discuss China's electric vehicle subsidies, the Inflation Reduction Act introduced by the Biden administration, and what these could mean for the global supply chain. It's a rollercoaster ride of insights and analysis you won't want to miss!

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